Sounding Photo Emotions

Jules Robi Verne & Geri Dagys Photography Capturing the sound in silence, melody among the elements of nature, vibrations caused by spreading music, emotions that are revealed by observing the force of Nature and Creation…
Eternal longing for absolute harmony, attraction of the natural beauty, quest of positive and inspiring experiences and emotions. This project fuses three worlds: Earth (Nature), Man (The Creator) and Music (Sound). The three elements are merged just for this one moment.
The photographs are done in the natural environment, with minor editing, avoiding post-production interference. During the photo shoots, musicians perform movements from the famous suite “The Carnival of the Animals” by Camille Saint-Saëns, assigned to them by their instrument. Black and white photography was chosen for this cycle not to distract the viewers with the information conveyed by abundance of natural colors, and to allow them to focus on the depth of the captured moment.