Bernardinu Street, Vilnius, Lithuania

VR photography is the art of capturing or creating a complete scene as a single image, as viewed when rotating about a single central position. Normally created by stitching together a number of photographs taken in a multi-row 360 degree rotation. I use nodal ninja head to create those panoramas.

Bernardinu Street. Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania and is also the largest city in the country with about 600,000 inhabitants. The site where Vilnius is located today has been inhabited for about 700 years and together with its turbulent history during more recent times, it always has been an interesting place. For travelers, this has all been mixed in an appealing setting of old building styles, cultural sites and dozens of churches. Add to this the fact that Vilnius is not too big to only use your own feet as a way to get around, and it is not hard to see why this city has been booming with travelers during the last decade or so. The historical center on the other hand is not small at all and is one of the biggest in Europe with a mix of building styles. The medieval part of the city probably is the most attractive.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Next VR



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