Thai Flood in Good Mood

Bangkok, Thailand – November, 2011:

Unusual heavy rains in July 2011 combined with high tides of the sea triggered massive flooding in Thailand. The flood was also painfully felt in the most populated part of Thailand – Bangkok… The houses of residents are flooded, but they are still smiling. A number of Bangkok residents are forced to reach their houses by paddling, swimming and yet they do not panic… They fish in the flooded street, settle temporary homes on the gas pump and find time to adore the King.

Thai Flood in Good Mood

Thai Flood in Good Mood

Even in disasters this magnitude children genuinely enjoy small things and it is always a joy to take photographs of them.

Locals say last flooding this magnitude was 60-70 years ago. Amazingly many Thais seemed to take everything with incredible calmness, even humor.

No crime, moreover – you could hardly ever imagine people helping each other so much during a tough time: sharing food, watching over pets, even playing in the flooded streets.

Thai Flood in Good Mood

Approximately one third of all provinces are affected. It touched the lives of more than 8 million, almost 400 people are killed and caused damage which is currently estimated for more than 40 milliards USA dollars. They look from their Far East Asia point of view. And they use a different currency. As they explained on the street, “love without preconditions” – that’s how their money is called. So, ignoring the inconveniences of the flood, Thailand still is the country of Budha and thousand of smiles.


Even though most of pictures captures smiling Thai people, truth is, survivors of this devastating event will need help in the days, weeks and months to come. You can help flood victims by donating to Thailand Flood Relief

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  • Raissa says:
    December 21, 2011 at 9:00 pm

    Beautiful pictures Geri! I wish I was there… Happy Travels 🙂


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