Short visit to the country which extends from Pacific to the Caribbean and is covered by the mists of the northern highlands including the jungle-shrouded waters of the Río San Juan, Nicaragua’s geographic diversity is topped only by the range of cultures living within its borders.

People had tough times there for a while but from the sound of laughter ringing in the plazas and the carefree attitudes of nearly everyone you meet, you’d never guess just how tough.

Nicaragua still has its share of a problems, for sure. Jobs are tough to find, the economy’s messed up, politicians are still hungry for their own good, and sometimes it seems the only business that’s booming is the Colombian-based import-export trade out on the Caribbean.

But on average visitor’s experience – whether you’re hanging around a lovely plaza, overlooking down from atop a volcano or paddling along a river in a canoe, chances are you’ll feel that time spent in Nicaragua will stay in your memory for quite some time.

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