Remember reading somewhere about Cambodia and it was described as “Wild East”. After traveling through this country I tend to agree on this description. Major citys like Phnom Penh has wild feeling in them, you can buy anything off the street and the offering tactics they use sometimes becomes tiring indeed but the whole country and it’s people with a history both inspiring and depressing is a place where the future is waiting to be shaped. After month of stay in Cambodia I fell in love with this country even some parts of it left me a little bitter taste. Looking forward of coming back some day…

Walking in market stumble upon those big brown eyes. Cambodia.

Bamboo train still used with locals and tourists alike. When two trains meet the one who has less stuff on it gets disassembled.

From Battambong to Sian Reap boat takes approximately 7 hours. Sitting on the roof you can have a glimpse of local life floating by.

Woman prepare food for community.

Scool girl in Kompong Pluk. Cambodia.

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