Dragonfly Village – UBUD

18 years ago I visited Bali for the first time. It was clear right that moment that some day I will end up once again exploring this little green Island. Much has changed since then. More traffic, more people, more of everything. Despite all of the this you still can stumble upon a “wow” places which has all the elements to make you feel at home. The Dragonfly Village in Ubud is one of those places which holds  pristine calmness, the scenery views around, the sounds of never tired fauna which surrounds you and still it is located close to the busy center of Ubud. Situated in the middle of rice fields this place lets you enjoy passing days by observing life of local farmers as they go about their daily routines. The mountains in the background are still clear from massive human settlement to be adored. Highly recommended to pay a visit to this build with love and passion sanctuary. For us this time about, the exploration of Bali island ended here, few moths passed like few weeks. There was no more urged to go anywhere else from this estate called Dragonfly Village.