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Madurai is another large city in Tamil Nadu region. City has many tourist spots that attract the people all around the world. There are many artistic temples that speak about the architectural skill of the people in the old days. The celestial marriage of Meenakshi and Sundareswarar in Meenakshi Temple afterwords followed by Car festival is an unforgettable event with thousands devotees swarming the temple to worship the divine couple while streets full of people watching huge Chariot using ropes and man power to pull this thing around.

Car festival.

Rope used to pull this huge chariot.

35c 7am Madurai.

Chariot is on the move.

From rooftops people throwing confetti and water motivating to pull harder.

Meanwhile in the alleys kids collecting change.

Ocean of people.

Meenakshi Temple.


Crowd watching marriage ceremony on big screen TV.

Hats are made and sold on the spot.

Ceremony goes around temple.

Day before main event which is marriage of Meenakshi and Sundareswarar.

Girls practicing inside temple before they join ceremony.

Life on the street.

Elephants are thought to collect coins and then bless the giver taping with trunk on his head.

Sales lady in flower market.

Madurai Palace.

Madurai Palace.

Ceremonies goes on.

View from hotel.

Holly Cow!

Girls dancing.

Old school press.

Inside Meenakshi Temple.


Holly Elephant.

Pirates are part of ceremonies.

Free food.



Spice Market.

Old lady selling cucumbers.

Amazing how girls manage to keep birds on the head while dancing.

People waiting to get in to the Temple.

Ready to go.

Fan’s for sale.

Old Man.


Shops around temple.

Detail of Meenakshi Temple gate.

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