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Bunch of  small islands in central Sulawesi. Stopped there on the way to Monado thinking to get some rest after Tana Toraja and work on overwhelming amount of pictures I took. So I thought…. Karidiri island I end up on had electricity only from 6PM and it took me 4 days to sort some of them out. Beautiful small island with only 3 resorts which can handle at most 100 people. Calm waters around makes it perfect for snorkeling and diving activities. And that’s what I did during day.

Just before night approaches. Karidiri Island, Sulawesi, Indonesia

Lazy dogs in those islands sleep all day, but this one I think has a dream.

Coming back from afternoon dive. Karidiri island, Sulawesi Indonesia.

Black Marlin Resort. Even though it was more expensive than I like, the view from window is priceless.

View from balcony on the right. Black Marlin Resort. Karidiri Islands, Sulawesi, Indonesia.

View from balcony on the left. Black Marlin Resort. Karidiri Islands, Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Just some tree. Karidiri Islands, Sulawesi, Indonesia.

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