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While staying in Wamena I was fortunate to witness governor elections in Irian Jaya. It took 5hr standing on the back of pickup truck to get to this place. It is political event and tourists usually not allowed even though I had permits to travel that far local police was not so happy seeing foreign guy with camera there. At the end everything worked out and now you can see some pictures how elections in Papua goes. Before politicians makes they’re speeches, running around with spears bows and arrows in hands crowd simulates war situation. After that everybody is fed (mainly potatoes) cooked in traditional way. All that food is delivered by participants shouting, running right in to the middle of crowed and dropping it on the grass. When belly’s are full people sit on the ground and listen what politicians has to say. Amazing scenery indeed.

Before elected guy speaks up people run around simulating war situation.

Guys looking, like searching for enemy.

Lani tribe.

Before speeches begins crowd is fed with potatoes cooked in some strange leaves, free water included.

Crowd enjoying food.

Ready to listen what politicians has to say.


Waiting for speech to begin.

Listening what elected guys has to say.

Lani Jaya women.

Elections in Lani Jaya.

Dani and Lani tribe next to each other.

Her hear dress I liked.

As in every nation women tend to gather in to one place.

This guy pointing to show where food is needed.

Speech is on.

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