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Trekking in Baliem valley through rain and sun is an unforgettable thing. You can wonder for days with home-stay in different villages. I choose to explore south east side of valley where Dani and Yali tribes lives. Each tribe has a distinct culture and different language. Houses and people looks similar but there is one sure and interesting way to distinguish between the tribes, from the “Koteka”, or penis gourd, used by the male members. The men of each tribe is cultivating a different style. The Dani use a long, thin Koteka, the Lani use a medium sized, wide cannon-like gourd, and the Yali wear the longest of all.

Trekking in Wamena. South east side of Baliem Valley. Since it is 2000m up the sky is blue the air is fresh and panoramas are beautiful.

Only by walking you can reach villages on this part of Baliem Valley.

Klise village in Baliem Valley, those houses on the right is made for home-stay.

Some local guys just like to pose and then ask for money of course. Siokosimo village in Baliem Valley.

Others just mind they’re own business, carving arrows or smoking cigarettes. Siokosimo village in Baliem Valley.

Klise village. In the morning clouds floating bellow your feet.

Dressed in traditional style which is naked they posed for this shot. Klise village, Baliem valley.

Woman from Klise village in Baliem Valley.

Baliem river.

Traditional house. Klise village.

While trekking run in to some lizard waiting for a snapshot.

While walking women keep knitting bags where later they carry vegetables, groceries and babies.

Handy bag for all kind’s of stuff.

Home-stay in Siokosimo village.

Traditional house in north of Baliem Valey. This is where Lani people live.

Klise village, Baliem valley.

Every village has gardens and they are scattered all around Balliem Valey. Sometimes people from village need to walk for 5 hr just to reach it.

Morning cooking. There is no chimneys and smoke just goes through the roof.

Baliem Valley. Papua.


VR360 of Klise Village in Baliem Valley, Papua.

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