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The Wamena Market in Papua is one of  most colorful and exotic markets you can find. Locals from Baliem Valley comes in to Wamena town to sell goods. You can still see people from different tribes, sometimes wearing traditional clothing which means no clothing at all, only the penis guard from which you can distinguish the tribe one belongs.

Even they can walk on and on this old man needed a ride. By his penis guard I guess he is from Dani Tribe.

Strange fruit which name I forgot is used for cooking.

Late afternoon market slows down.

Boy selling traditional head dress made of Paradise Bird. Still can be seen in jungle. It is most popular among Dani Tribe people.

Traditional “clothing” caught my attention.

Potatoes and rice is most common food among locals.

Woman wondering around in Wamena Market.

Fresh vegetables.

Ready for some shopping.

Another strange fruit seller.

Parking lot where publick “bemos” small jeeps and buses comes to pick up and drop off people from surrounding villages.

This woman has no fingers on one hand which means at least five family members has died.

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