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This is a country I grew up, country with a colorful history, once century’s ago an empire stretching from the Baltic to the Black Sea where raw pagan roots mixes with Catholic flavor.  Its natural treasures – forests, lakes and sand dunes found nowhere else makes it worth place to visit.

Kaunas @ night. This was taken on warm august evening in the city I grew up.

Kedainiai city is one of the oldest in LT also known as the cucumber capital of Lithuania.

Pig heads for sale in the “Zarasu Turgus” zarasu market. Kaunas, Lithuania

Kaunas Old Town.

Swan family in Trakai lake. Lithuania

Klaipeda is the third largest city in LT located near the Baltic sea. Lithuania.

St. Kotryna church in Vilnius. Lithuania

Bernardinu 6 Vilnius. This is the place where my good friend, well known artist Sigitas Staniunas has his studio. www.sigitasart.com

Not so far from Vilnius there is this unusual round shaped church with surrounding cemetery. Took this picture in late September.

Karaimu street, Trakai, Lithuania.

Kernavė Archaeological Site. The first settlements in the neighbourhood of Kernave appeared as early as 9000 BC. Lithuania


360VR of Bernardinu street, Vilnius, Lithuania


360VR of The Town Hall Square (Rotušės aikštė) at the end of the Pilies Street is a traditional centre of trade and events in Vilnius.

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